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The Baker Concrete Systems Advantage

A unique to the industry turnkey program bringing you the many benefits of our super efficient, super quality, and super fast, cast-in-place tunnelform expertise.

Baker Concrete Construction, Inc., is a fully licensed and bonded subcontractor who will plan and build the structural shell for your low, mid, or high rise project, quickly, and with superior quality. We use the speed and efficiency of tunnelform construction methods to reduce construction costs and guarantee on-time project completion.

When you add up the advantages of our unique construction method, combined with our experience and formwork lease plan, it's no wonder Highrise Concrete Systems has so rapidly grown to become America's largest concrete shell subcontractor.
  • Construction efficiencies save 15% on the overall construction cost
  • Super-fast completion (Earlier move-in date)
  • No need to purchase costly formwork
  • No charge to design-engineer your existing plans for tunnelform use (Plus other recommendations that may save you money or add amenities)
  • No need for interior support columns (More usable interior space)
  • No unexpected cost overruns
  • No construction delays, accurate completion schedule
  • Superior structural characteristics
    • Monolithic QuietZone™ construction reduces noise transmission
    • More resistant to damage caused by naturel disasters (Wind, fire, and seismic forces)
    • Low maintenance & improved structural durability
    • Accurate dimensional tolerances facilitate installation of windows, doors, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc.