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About Us

Highrise Concrete Systems Inc., (HRCS) was founded by Walter Mawby with the vision to become the premier nationwide provider of tunnel form concrete shells. Over the last 8 years, HRCS has successfully completed over $400,000,000 of tunnel form projects (150,000,000 over the last 2+) allowing HRCS to achieve and maintain that vision. Bondable, licensed and insured, HRCS, has performed as a subcontractor to many of the largest and most successful Developers and General Contractors throughout the United States, at a competitive price and on schedule.

HRCS specializes in the construction of multi-story concrete buildings, using the latest formwork technology. As the largest concrete shell subcontractor in the country, HRCS' expertise includes apartment projects, condominiums, hotels, and similar repetitive structures.

The innovative tunnel form construction method is unique: walls and slab are poured simultaneously in a daily cycle. Forms are stripped and set in the morning, reinforcing steel is installed, followed by an early afternoon concrete pour. Gas heaters accelerate the concrete curing process overnight. The daily production cycle speeds up construction, while maintaining a strict schedule. Dimensional accuracy and superior concrete finish lead to additional efficiencies including walls that receive a direct paint finish. The tunnel form system beats conventional forming systems, Period.

There are numerous benefits to owners, developers and general contractors for utilizing both HRCS and their tunnel form technology including:

1. Productivity (Can meet the most aggressive timelines)
2. Cost Savings (First cost savings can be in excess of $12 per square foot gross)
3. Quality (Walls and ceilings receive skim coating and a direct paint finish)
4. Engineering & Innovation (Over 50 years of engineering expertise)
5. Design Build (Meeting the most demanding owner's needs)
6. Safety (During Construction and after... wind, hurricane, and seismic)
7. Noise Reduction (Concrete walls diminish noise transfer between living units)
8. Scheduling (Complete scheduling of all activities as it relates to the project

Time is money and productivity is a way of life for HRCS. A typical HRCS crew will produce between 3,500 and 8,500 square feet of floor area per day. Everyday! Recently, HRCS set a new record for productivity when it completed the concrete shells for two adjacent high rise projects in Florida. Approximately 281 units representing over 331,000 square feet were poured and finished in a one month period. The production resulted in over 15,000 square feet of floor area per day.

Recently, HRCS saved two projects by successfully converting them to tunnel form at a cost savings of well over 5 million dollars. Additionally, a joint venture with a leading national structural engineer and the University of California, HRCS assisted in revolutionary seismic testing which resulted in conclusive results that tunnel form systems are not only safe but require 30% less reinforcement than conventional systems and structures. Because of HRCS' innovation and commitment to excellence, the winner here is the customer.

With an inventory of tunnel forms and accessories in excess of 10 million, HRCS has the ability to layout, engineer, price, and quickly mobilize formwork and resources to convert projects to tunnel form systems. Many of these conversions saved projects from cancellation due to ROI, schedule, or other pressures inherent in multifamily development. HRCS can handle all of your concrete structure subcontractor needs for today and tomorrow.